Test your limits

Most experiential activities at hotels are limited to trust falls, and activities you can do with a chair or large sheets of butcher  paper.  On a cruise ship maybe you have a volleyball championship, golf on a virtual golf course, or what about zip lining.  There are a variety of locations where you can zip line, or some ships you don’t even have to go ashore for a little adventure.

How’s your climbing skills?

Most newer ships outfit the back side of their smoke stack with a rock climbing wall.  Rock climbing can be it’s own challenge, but it can pretty windy as you get a little further up.  If you prefer to keep your climbing a little closer to earth that Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios Jamaica is the place for you.  It’s several hundred from the bottom to the top and you walk it as a human chain.  The rocks are smooth but not slippery and if you happen to fall, it’s more than a little relaxing.

Like Treasure Hunts?

Most cruise ships have an on-board treasure hunt.  Some key things to remember:

  • Combs generally have black teeth
  • All socks have at least one hole in it

I’ll leave it at that as a starting point.  If you want a more adventurous search, try out the Amazing Race in Cozumel.  It’s a lot like the TV show except you don’t actually fly anywhere and you finish it in a few hours.