Cruise FAQs

Frequently asked questions (Cruise FAQs)

How do I do a coaching program on a cruise ship?

It’s similar to doing a program at a hotel or resort, except you generally don’t have to pay for the room.  Also, you can spread a program out over several days to take advantage of the cruise itself.

Who promotes my coaching cruise?

We both do.  We build a web page for your program, submit it to the search engines, and make it available to our various cruise mailing lists as applicable.   You can promote it just like any other event you might hold.

How do I get a free cruise?

Generally the rule is a minimum of 12-15 cabins gets you one free cabin.  A lot depends on the cruise line you pick, availability, and time of year.

Should I promote the cruise and coaching program charges separately?

Some people separate the costs, but it is generally better to have a base cost that includes everything and then allow people to upgrade rooms if they like.

Do you recommend inside or outside cabins?

We never recommend inside cabins.  Yes they are cheaper, but unless you are an experienced cruiser and have already decided that you don’t mind inside cabins, we recommend outside cabins.

What if I want to video the program?

Many of the cruise ships have state of the art recording studios on board and can professionally produce videos for you at an additional cost.

What if I do a free session for the general passengers?

Some cruise lines welcome free promotional talks.  As long as you aren’t directly selling, they will often include it in their daily program.  Depending on the response, you may get future clients, or the cruise lines may offer you incentives to do this on future cruises.  This is more common on some of the less well known ships and destinations.  Cruises to Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and St Thomas tend to be highly scripted based on volume of cruises and their aren’t as many options to customize daily activities.

What if I don’t get enough people?

Cancellation can be complicated, and should be done early on if possible.  We can discuss options when we are putting a program together for you.  If you still want to go with a smaller group, you can still usually get the group rate, but you will not get the complementary cabin that you would have gotten with a larger group.  Realistically, if you don’t think you can get 12-15 cabins, you may want to wait a while to do a program.