Cruise Entertainment

When was the last time you went to an event that included entertainment?  Cruise entertainment includes a variety of world class entertainment options and at no extra charge.    Not up for the broadway review?  No problem.  You will have choices of comedians, variety programs, and possibly one of your favorite acts from the 60s or 70s.  On some upscale cruises you may have guest lecturers on a variety of subjects.

Several years ago we got to play jeopardy with the original host Art Fleming.  During one of our cruises there was a visible comet over the Mediterranean.  On board to lecture on comets was David Levy one of the discoverers of the Shoemaker Levy comet.

On most cruises, at some point, guests usually become part of the cruise entertainment.  Whether it’s the not so newlywed game, bingo, or ship-wide scavenger hunts, it can be as much fun to watch as they are to participate in.