Cruise For Free

Everyone likes the idea of being able to cruise for free.  The key is how to do it.   Aside from being picked up by a cruise ship during your exodus from Cuba (I’ve seen this happen), there are generally 2 ways that the general public can do this – self promotion and enrichment programs.

Self promotion is the main focus of this site.  You have an audience and regularly do presentations at different locations.  If you can send out an email and get at least 20 people to join you somewhere on earth for X dollars, this is probably the option for you.   You come up with the idea, we put together the details, and help you with the promotion and reservations.  As long as you have at least 8 cabins your room is generally provided.   On top of this you make your fee for the seminars and any additional upsale items you may have planned.  There are more details, and conditions but this is the readers digest version.

Getting included in the enrichment program of a cruise ship takes a different direction.  Here you are basically marketing yourself to the cruise line.  If they accept you, you get your accommodations in exchange for providing some enrichment activity on board.  You might not make anything directly, but you could develop some client leads, sell some books, and of course get a free cruise.   Some people chose to take this route and still promote the cruise as well.  For more information on this approach please download a short ebook on a paid program to marketing your services to the cruise lines.

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