Bring the Kids

You probably wouldn’t bring your kids to a seminar.  But that might be because the seminar didn’t provide activities and staff for your kids.  Most cruise ships have age appropriate activities for children from toddlers through teenagers.   Maybe you want to go exploring or shopping without the kids, chances are there are activities to keep them occupied while you are having some adult time.  Kids programs are generally well organized and age appropriately grouped.

Are they potty trained?

In general, cruise ship staff will not change diapers.  If your kids can go to the bathroom by themselves, they can usually go to the playroom.  Different ships have different rooms for different ages.  Smaller kids may have a ball pit, toys and puzzles. Medium age kids may have arts and crafts and video games.  Older kids may have their own sports area, pool, or alcohol free night club.

What if we want to go ashore and they don’t?

Most children’s programs are open when they are in port since shopping is not always high on some kids to do list.  Especially when they can have the arcade all to themselves.

What if we want to have a late night and the kids room closes early?

Between the activities staff and the cleaning staff, there are plenty of sitter options available on board.  There is generally a standard fee on board and you pay your sitter directly.  Many women have children of their own that they don’t see for months at a time so this is something that staff enjoy as well.