"Take your next coaching program on a cruise"

Everything is included, fine dining, meeting facilities, entertainment, activities


We are 1cruise.com Inc.

We are a travel agency specializing in cruises.  We have been in business for 20 years and we specialize in a few niche areas.  In addition to being the agency owner I am also a coach.  Having seen several coachs and information marketers start putting together cruises we wanted to create a resource to make it easy for coaches to put together a coaching cruiseprogram that met their needs.   Depending on your offering, you can do groups as small as 10 or as big as several hundred.

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Something Different

You have probably done a seminar or group coaching session or two at a hotel or similar space.  The process is pretty standard.  You rent a meeting space.  You arrange for a choice of beef or chicken for lunch – or send people on their own out into the local area for 90 minutes to find something palatable.  If it’s a multi-day event, you block a group of rooms and then arrange for a bunch of other rooms for breakout sessions.   But wait you need AV equipment?  That’s probably extra as well.  All of this work and setup is your time and money.  Taking your program to a cruise ship is a totally different experience.  Everything is included, fine dining, accommodations, activities and entertainment.  And we take care of just about everything for you.

We make it easy

You give us some parameters and we find your ideal cruise.  We find the right ship, destination, etc.  We help you with meeting space, receptions, specialized activities, etc.  What might have been a one or two day program at a hotel can be turned into a 5 to 7 day interactive program that generates more money that you could have made with a traditional event.